Iloilo is known for its festivals, such as Dinagyang Festival; its centuries old heritage sites such as Molo Church, Jaro Cathedral, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Miag-ao Church, or historic downtown in Calle Real; Sumptuous dishes such as La Paz Batchoy, Pancit Molo, biscocho; beaches of nearby Guimaras Province and northern Iloilo; all of these right at the “Heart of the Philippines.”

Looking for a hotel and accommodation to stay in Iloilo City, we have a directory of these to make your stay in Iloilo comfortable and easy–from budget pension houses to up-scale hotels.

Iloilo Hotel Directory

After enjoying the beat of city during Dinagyang, you can take a glimpse of Iloilo City’s stately old mansions, heritage buildings, grand churches of antiquity, or relaxed by the river banks. Have a sip of a hearty meal in La Paz for the famed La Paz Batchoy, or eat your Sunday afternoon out beside the seashores of Villa Arevalo for some authentic Ilonggo food.

More time on your sleeves? Head up to Iloilo Province! Be amazed by the cultural and architectural marvel of UNESCO World Heritage Site of Miag-ao Church, be awed in the camposanto and the carved facade depicting a battle in Morocco at the Church of San Joaquin, and go visita iglesia in the churches of southern and central Iloilo.

Visit Iloilo Province

Miag-ao Church. Visit Iloilo Province!

If you’re tired of the crowded beaches and islands, northern Iloilo and Guimaras has these in store for the weary travelers. Head on island hopping at nearby Guimaras Island, home of the Philippines’ sweetest mangoes! For the adventure-types, go island hopping up to northern Iloilo–to the enigmatic beauty of Islas Gigantes in Carles town, or hop on in the islands of Concepcion.

Visit Guimaras

Visit Guimaras

Whatever your trip is, Ilonggos will surely greet you with a warm smile,  a gentle melodious greeting, and a pleasant trip you’ll surely cherish! Visit Iloilo and Guimaras!

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