Kasadyahan Regional Cultural Competition Guidelines 2013


  1. The competition is open to all municipalities/cities/schools in Western Visayas Region, specifically, those with festivals in their own locality. However, public and private schools, colleges and universities may choose any festival of any locality as their presentation. Registration starts on November 12, 2012 and ends December 21, 2012. Registration of participants is on first come first serve basis. Participating group that registers within the top twelve (12) shall be given a subsidy.
  2. The composition of the tribe/contingent must be within the minimum of fifty (50), maximum of seventy(70) dancers/performers, maximum of twenty(20) costumed propsmen, and thirty (30) instrumentalists.
  3. The dance entry must depict a festival of a locality or local culture, customs and traditions in Western Visayas Region through dance. It may include environmental awareness/protection and cultural practices. Dance movements and costume must be suited to the given concept. Live music/tape recorded music maybe used. Each competing group must carry it’s own Theme: It must be clearly shown & expressed in the storyline.
  4. The presentation shall be seven (7) minutes including entrance and exit. The first step and movements of the performers starts the time of the performance. A deduction of one (1) point shall be made for performance with less than seven (7) minutes and for every one minute of performance that exceeds the limit. This shall be made in the specific judging area where overtime has occurred.
  5. Choreographed movements should not be dangerous on the performer. The use of risers and platform is allowed, however, they should not be more than (maximum) 10 feet in height and 35 feet in width. Group performers using props as their background and as part of the performance should not be more than 12 feet in height. However, the use of hand props is encouraged. Violation of guideline No. 5 would mean 5 point deduction from the production design specifically props in every judging area.
  6. Timing of the Performance.
    6-A. STARTING LINE MARKER shall be placed visible to the stage timers in every performance area. The participating group shall take position before the starting line while preparing for the entrance.6-B. The timing starts when the performers, props and risers go beyond the starting line.6-C. The official timer on stage shall raise the flag while the tribe prepares before the starting line and will bring the flag down once the performers go beyond the starting line signifying the start of the performance.6-D. On the sixth minute, the timer shall raise the YELLOW flag, to signify that one minute is left and that the tribe should finish the performance and start to exit6-E. On the seventh minute, the timer shall raise the RED flag to signify the end of the performance. The first person to step on the exit line shall be the basis of the exit. An overtime will be counted for every one minute of delay with the deduction of one point from the total score of the performance criterion of every judge in the area where the violation occurred.
  7. The contesting group shall perform in four (4) judging areas in parade form.
  8. Competing group shall maintain discipline/orderliness while parading in between judging areas.
  9. Drums shall not be the dominant musical instruments to differentiate the Kasadyahan music from dinagyang. However, indigenous musical instruments are encouraged, i.e. bamboo, wood, etc.. String and wind instruments may be used. Violation of guideline No. 8 would mean deduction of five (5) points from the total score of every judge in all judging areas.
  10. The use of flammable materials such as pyrotechnics as part of the performance is strictly prohibited. A 5 point deduction from the total final scores shall be imposed against any contingent that violates this provision.
  11. Tribe managers, choreographers and other members of the competing group are not allowed to coach or direct the performance.  They are required to stay only at the back of the performance area. Furthermore, they must consistently attend meetings scheduled by the Kasadyahan Committee.
  12. The entries must be properly identified with 2×3 feet rectangular placard showing the registration number and name (front and back).
  13. Contingent should be responsible in cleaning/ clearing of the performance area after their presentation.
  14. The score of each judge shall be ranked from the first placer to the last placer. In determining the final rank, the ranking of the participating groups will be considered. In case of a tie, the group that gets the most number of high ranks shall be considered the winner.
  15. Absolutely no participant or contingent’s representative shall be allowed to contact, in any way or manner whatsoever, any judge with the intention of questioning the Board of Judges Decision.
  16. The decision of the Kasadyahan 2012 Board of Judges shall be final and unappealable. Questions or clarifications will not be entertained after the winners have been announced.
  17. Reading of synopsis is not allowed, however, a one paragraph synopsis description of the contingent’s presentation must be submitted to the committee Chairman, Kasadyahan 2012, DR. EDEN D. DERIADA, not later than January 9, 2012.

STREET DANCE COMPETITION (in between judging areas)

  1. There will be designated areas for the START and END of the STREET DANCING where the contingent will be judged.
  2. Each contingent must have a parade routine of choreographed street dance to be performed in designated areas. Common music shall be used (“Hala Bira Iloilo”).


I. Area of Performance

  1. Choreography (suitability of the dance movements to the concept) – 25%
  2. Performance (showmanship, mastery, unity) – 30%
  3. Theme/Concept (adherence to the theme) – 15%
  4. Production Design – 30%
    • Music – 10%
    • Costume – 10%
    • Props – 10%
  5. TOTAL – 100%

II. Street Dance

  1. Endurance – 30%
  2. Choreography – 30%
  3. Performance (showmanship, mastery, unity) – 30%
  4. Costume – 5%
  5. Props – 5%
  6. TOTAL – 100%


Major Awards

  • Champion
  • First Runner Up
  • Second Runner Up
  • Third Runner Up
  • Fourth Runner Up

Minor Awards

  • Best in Street Dance
  • Best in Performance
  • Best in Choreography
  • Best in Music
  • Best in Costume
  • Best Choreographer
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