Grand Religious Sadsad

The Grand Religious Sadsad during the Dinagyang Festival is a devotional celebration of faith and supplication. It caps the nine-day prayer for intentions (novena) through the intercession of the patron saint, Señor Santo Niño.

It is organized by the Parish of San Jose de Placer for devotees to express faith in the fulfillment of intentions by chanting “Viva Señor Santo Niño!” as they dance (sadsad) and wave their hands – some holding up the Señor Santo Niño statues and similar religious replicas.

This happens in front of the San Jose Parish Church after the last novena mass, the night before Dinagyang’s main event which is the Ati Tribes Dance Competition. The playing of the Pit Señor music from the church’s speakers signals the start of a rhythmic dancing and chanting which are worshipful and festive.

Devotees believe that participating in the Grand Religious Sadsad empower their invocations and express gratefulness for blessings received.

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