The Tribes

The list of Tribes participating in this year’s Dinagyang Festival 2017. Learn more about them.

Tribu Panayanon Iloilo City national High School M.H. del Pilar St., Molo, I.C. Blesilda V. Floro Romel Flogen
Tribu Salognon Jaro National High School Jaro, Iloilo City Belinda V. Dinopol Errol Jave Villalobos
Tribu Dagatnon Ramon Avanceña National High School Yulo Drive, Arevalo, Iloilo City Rey V. Lava Brian Francisco
Tribu Amihan Mandurriao National High School Q. Abeto St., Mandurriao, I.C. Alpha A. Java Johnrey Collado
Tribu Ilonganon Jalandoni MNHS Lapuz, Iloilo City Salvador Besares Gerlin Francisco
Tribu Paghidaet Lapaz National High School Lapaz, Iloilo City Teresita T. Militar Jonah-Ric Carado, John Michael Genzola
Tribu Obreros Bo. Obrero National High School Bo. Obrero, Iloilo City Azucena G. Tigaronita Daves Gabion
Tribu Pan-ay Fort San Pedro National High School Sto. Rosario Duran, Iloilo City Rey N. Monsale Rey Vincent Jaena
Tribu Abiador Asian College of Aeronautics Sambag, Jaro, Iloilo City Jose Antonio G. Coronel Froiland H. Agudo
Tribu Buntatalanit Tiu Cho Teg Ana Ros Foundation Integrated School Brgy. Lanit, Jaro, Iloilo City Love Joy Hosenilla/Anthony Portugalete Reynaldo A. Valle, Jr./Richard E. Castillon/Anthony E. Portugalete



Tribe Manager: Dr. Teresita Militar; Choreographer: Jonah-Ric Carado and John Michael Genzola; Musical Director: Rhode Ryan Velez, Costume Designer: Brent Naranja/ Care Reales; Number of warriors/dancers: 150; Drummers/Musicians: 120 and Support staff: 350.

Tribu Paghidaet of La Paz National High School has been joining in the prestigious Iloilo Dinagyang Festival as a competing tribe which aims to help promote the City’s tourism program and foster devotion to Sr. Sto. Niño. Tribu Paghidaet first joined the Dinagyang Ati Tribe Competition in 1999. The name Tribu Paghidaet is still adopted because Lapazenians are devoted to Sr. Santo Niño and with the intercession of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, they believe that it shall be blessed with beautiful performances in the prestigious competition.

The Tribe has been participating in the event for twelve years to this time except in the years 2005, 2006 and 2013. It was fivetime Champion (to include 2002, 2003, 2008, 2009, and 2010), and garnered runners-up awards in the other years of the Festival.


Tribe Manager: Dr. Azucena G. Tigaronita; Choreographers: Dames Gabion; Musical Director: Wonsil Cada; Costume Designer: Randy Balasa; Number of warriors/dancers: 90; Drummers/Musicians: 65; and Support staff: 100.

Tribu Obreros is the first truly community based tribe because Bo. Obrero National High School together with the barangay officials and the  constituents joined hands for the realization of this worthwhile objective. “Tribu Obreros” is the brainchild of Anthony E. Portugalete with the concurrence of Mrs. Mercedes A. Clavaton, Principal II and the Bo. Obrero National High School Faculty and Staff, with the Bo. Obrero Barangay Council headed by Punong Barangay Ricardo Diño, Sr.

The tribe was basically established as a commitment for Iloilo City’s tourism thrust and economic advancement, a religious undertaking and to enhance the youth’s social, personal and interpersonal development.


Tribe Manager: Salvador Besares; Choreographer: Gerlin Francisco; Costume Designer: Jobert Modina; Musical Director: Raymund Ferolino; Number of warriors/dancers: 60; Drummers/ Musicians: 60; and Support staff: 200.

Tribu Ilonganon, a term coined from the word “Ilonggo” which means a native of Iloilo, is the pride of Jalandoni Memorial National High School (formerly Lapuz High School.) They were declared Champion in 2006 and were also awarded Best in Performance, Choreography and Choreographer on the same year.

The tribe was again declared Champion in 2007 and won the Best in Performance and Costume awards.


Tribe Manager: Jose Antonio G. Coronel; Choreographer: Mr. Froiland Agudo; Musical Director: Freelord Rile; Costume Designer: Warren Belicena; Number of warriors/dancers: 60; Drummers/Musicians: 30; and Suport staff: 23.

Tribu Abiador is formed by the Asian College of Aeronautics last October 5, 2016 in which they conducted their first ever rehearsal at Sambag gymnasium with the permission of the Brgy. Officials headed by Brgy. Captain Jagorin. The students of Asian College of Aeronautics are very excited
in this event because aside for being the first and only aviation school who joins Dinagyang Festival 2017, this is the first time also that they will showcase their talent and to prove the world that they are not only good in the field of aviation but also on how to preserve and continue our tradition.

Tribu Abiador is derived from the Spanish word Abiador which means Aviator/Mechanic. This signifies to fly or to go anywhere. Aiming to win is our second priority but honoring Senior Sto. Niño is our main goal. Being the newest and youngest tribe to participate in Dinagyang Festival 2017, the institution is well aware that joining in this prominent and splendid celebration is a means to pay homage to Senior Santo Niño. Viva Asian College of
Aeronautics! Viva Tribu Abiador! Viva Senior Sto. Niño!


Tribe Manager: Rey V. Lava; Choreographer : Bryan Francisco; Musical Director: Juanito M. Songano/Arjhay Amalian; No. of Warriors/ Dancers: 100; No. of Drummers/Musicians: 70; Support staff: 100.

The new tribe represents Ramon Avanceña National High School (RANHS). It has been a decade since RANHS first participated in the world-renowned Dinagyang Festival in 1998 as “Tribu Sigabong.” It means the sound of firecrackers and pyrotechnics in which the district of Arevalo (Villa) is famous. Through the years, Dinagyang Festival has been a unifying element for the publicprivate partnership to work together towards a common goal. It is in this same vein that Ramon Avanceňa National High School is participating again in this meritorious event through the name “Tribu Dagatnon.”

The area in the district of Arevalo is surrounded by sea or dagat/lawod in our native dialect, thus, the coined word Dagatnon. As an official entry to the Dinagyang Festival 2017 Ati Tribe Competition, Tribu Dagatnon aims once again to showcase the Ilonggos’ culture of excellence and be part of the religious and cultural celebration of Iloilo City in honor of Sr. Sto. Niňo. Viva Sr. Sto. Niňo! School


Tribe Manager: Blesilda Floro, PhD; Choreographer: Romel Flogen; Musical Director: Jeepy Henson; Costume Designer: Leonel Cerbas; Number of warriors/dancers: 60; Drummers/Musicians: 60; and Support staff: 150.

The Panayanon is formerly Tribu Silak and Tribu Lunok of Iloilo City National High School that has earned recognition as the 1st Runner-up, Dinagyang 2012. The name “Panayanon” was conceptualized in order to showcase the diverse cultural heritage of the entire Panay Island.

“Tribu Panayanon” of Iloilo City National High School, Molo, Iloilo City is Dinagyang 2015 Festival Grand Slam Champion. The Tribe bagged the title of Aliwan Fiesta 2013 Grand Champion held at the Aliw Theater and Quirino Grandstand, Metro Manila, Philippines.

The Tribe was chosen by the Philippine Tourism Board of the Department of Tourism to represent the country for their promotion “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” in New York City and in Los Angeles, California during the 115th Philippine Independence Day Parade.


Tribe Manager: Raymund Peter T. Tolentino, Love Joy G. Hosenilla, Simplicio Subaldo, Jr., Anthony E. Portugalete; Artistic Director: Anthony E. Portugalete; Dance masters: Reynaldo Valle, Jr./Richard Castillon; Tribe Leader: Erwin Subaldo; Band leaders: Chris Barry Bartolome; Musical Director: Brian Yudelmo; Costume Designer: Aladin Aragorat; Number of warriors/dancers: 90; Drummers/Musicians: 50; Suport staff: 100.

Tribu BUNTATALANIT is the youngest and newest tribe in the Dinagyang festival landscape, being officially recognized by the Iloilo Dinagyang Foundation on December 3, 2016,. only a month prior to the 2017 Dinagyang Ati Competition scheduled on January 14 to 22, 2017.

A community based tribe, Tiu Cho Teg-Ana Ros Foundation Integrated School collaborated with the constituents of Barangays Buntatala and Lanit in Jaro, Iloilo City, and with the support of a whole village and community of the Aetas. This makes Tribu Buntatalanit the first official Dinagyang
Ati Competition tribe to have been morally supported by the true and genuine Indigenous people- the Aetas who have been awarded by the Iloilo City government with their own area in the resettlement area of Barangay Lanit, Jaro. Tribu Buntatalanit is participated in by the true and genuine Ati who will constitute part of the tribe’s performers.

Tribu Buntatalanit advocates the plight of the many Ati population and the Ati’s shout for cultural recognition. Tribu Buntatalanit is proud of our heritage and wishes to showcase our glorious past.


Tribe Manager: Belinda Dinopol, PhD; Choreographer: Errol Jave Villalobos; Musical Director: Ivan Legada; Costume Designers: Paul Jerome Penuela; Number of warriors: 120; Girl dancers: 60; Drummers/Musicians: 100; and Support staff: 120.

The first inaugural participation of TRIBU SALOGNON into the Dinagyang Festival as a contesting tribe was in the year 2004, when the school’s faculty, staff and students, heeded the call of the lloilo Dinagyang Foundation’s invitation to take part in the festivities.

Initially, the term SALOGNON came from the word “Salog” which is the old name of Jaro, the place where the school is situated. “Salognon” then, refers to anyone or anything coming from “Salog.”

In 2005, the tribe’s name was changed to “ANG TAGA-JARO”, a generic reference to the illustrious people and historic place of Jaro. This name was still used until the year 2009 when it was reverted back to the original name “TRIBU SALOGNON”. The continued use of the name “TRIBU  SALOGNON” was utilized by the present administration in order to project a continuity of the tribe’s famous legacy. And that includes the legacy of being the grand champion in the 2016 Dinagyang Ati Tribe Competition.


Tribe Manager: Rey N. Monsale; Choreographer: Vincent Jaena; Musical Director: Gwenoverre Besonia; Costume Designer, Director: Joemel Mirabuena; Number of warriors/dancers: 118; Drummers/Musicians: 75; and Support staff: 80.

Fort San Pedro National High School had its baptism of fire in the Dinagyang Ati-ati competition in January 2006, when Tribu Ni San Pedro was founded by Dr. Belinda V. Dinopol, Principal III and tribe manager. Tribu Ni San Pedro won the Best in Discipline and was adjudged 4th Runner-up on its first venture with the rest of the veteran tribes joining the competition.

In 2007, Tribu Ni San Pedro garnered 5th place in the Ati-ati Competition. For three years, the school opted to stop its participation until
in 2011 when Dr. Blesilda V. Floro, Principal III of the school, revived the involvement of the tribe in the Ati-ati Competition in its new name as Tribu Pan-ay. The tribe succeeded as the Champion in the Ati-ati Competition and likewise garnered the following special awards: Best in Choreography, Best in Performance and Best Choreographer. The tribe also garnered the First Place award in the Grand National Dance Festival, Aliwan Fiesta in Manila.

In 2012, Tribu Pan-ay retained its over-all standing as Champion in the Ati-ati competition and adding more special awards as the Best in  Performance, Best in Choreography, Best in Music and Best Choreographer, and also bagged the First Place award in the National Grand Dance Festival-Aliwan Fiesta, still under the management of Dr. Floro with Flogen as choreographer. Tribu Pan-ay performed in the international scene on the 68th Liberation Day of Guam, USA.


Faithful to our devotion to Sr. Sto. Niño and to our commitment to help boost the local tourism industry, we are proud to present TRIBU AMIHAN of Mandurriao National High School in Dinagyang 2017 Ati competition. Before joining the Dinagyang Ati Competition, Tribu Amihan has successfully conquered the Kasadyahan Competition using different names: Tribu Babaylan, Tribu Kalinaw, Tribu Mandurriaonon and Tribu Madyaas, having bagged the championship trophy in Kasadyahan 2000 under its name Tribu Igorot. In 2011 it bravely joined for the first time in the Dinagyang
Ati Competition and had brought honor to the school and the Mandurriao community by getting the top five (5) best performing tribe that year and Best in Discipline Award.

This year, Mandurriao National High School is sailing with great faith and spirit and the strong will to conquer once again the seas of great competitors of the world-renowned Dinagyang Ati Tribe Competition under the mighty name TRIBU AMIHAN. Amihan means cool northeast wind which brings cold air to our shores. As what the name connotes, Tribu Amihan of Mandurriao National High School will blow its strongest monsoon wind in this year’s Dinagyang Contest.

Tribu Amihan has the following awards to boast for under its name: first time to join in the Dinagyang 2011 our school, Tribu Manduryaw got 5th runner-up and Best in Discipline. We are also a Top 5 Best Performing Tribe in the Kasadyahan Competition, having adjudged as Champion Tribu Igorot in Kasadyahan 2000, 5th runner-up Tribu Babaylan in Kasadyahan 2003, Tribu Mandurriaonon 2nd runner-up Kasadyahan 2006, 3rd runner-up Kasadyahan 2007, 4th runner-up Kasadyahan 2008, 2nd runner-up Tribu Madyaas in Kasadyahan 2009 and 4th runner-up Tribu Mandurriaonon in Kasadyahan 2010. These are our achievements we are proud of.

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