Dinagyang Festival 2016 Winners


Dinagyang Ati-ati Competition

Champion – Tribu Salognon of Jaro National High School
1st runner-up – Tribu Ilonganon of Jalandoni National High School
2nd runner-up – Tribu Pan-ay of Fort San Pedro National High School
3rd runner-up – Tribu Paghidaet of La Paz National High School
4th runner-up – Tribu Baybayanon of Melchor L. Nava National High School

Best Choreographer – Tribu Salognon of Jaro National High School
Best in Costume Designer – Tribu Panayanon of Iloilo City National High School
Best Headdress – Tribu Panayanon of Iloilo City National High School
Best Musical Director – Tribu Panayanon of Iloilo City National High School
Best in Discipline – Tribu Ilonganon of Jalandoni Memorial National High School
Best Music – Tribu Panayanon of Iloilo City National High School
Best in Costume – Tribu Panayanon of Iloilo City National High School
Best in Street Dancing – Tribu Panayanon of Iloilo City National High School
Best Choreography – Tribu Salognon of Jaro National High School
Best in Performance – Tribu Salognon of Jaro National High School

Best Overall performance – Tribu Panayanon of Iloilo City National High School
Best in Costume – Tribu Salognon of Jaro National High School
Best in Discipline – Tribu Panayanon of Iloilo City National High School


Kasadyahan Regional Festival Competition

Champion – Tribu Tatusan of Caluya, Antique
1st runner-up – Tribu Kasag of Banate
2nd runner-up – Bantayan of Guimbal
3rd runner-up – Pintaflores of San Carlos City
4th runner-up – Patabang of Tapaz (Capiz)

Best in Costume – Tribu Kasag of Banate
Best in Music – Tribu Kasag of Banate
Best Musical Director – Tribu Kasag of Banate
Best in Choreography – Tribu Tatusan of Caluya, Antique
Best Choreographer – Tribu Tatusan of Caluya, Antique
Best Performance – Tribu Kasag of Banate
Best in Street Dancing – Tribu Bantayan of Guimbal

Tambur Trumpa Martsa Musika

High School Level

Champion – Iloilo National High School
1st runner Up – Dingle NHS

Best in Performance – Iloilo NHS
Best in Costume – Dingle NHS
Best in Music – Dingle NHS

Elementary Level

Champion – San Matias Elem School
1st Runner Up – Sambag Elem School
2nd Runner Up – Iloilo Central Elem School
3rd Runner Up – Arevalo Elem School
4th Runner Up – Mandurriao Elem School

Best in Music – San Matias Elem School, Dingle, Iloilo
Best in Costume – Sambag Elem School, Jaro, Iloilo City
Best in Performance – San Matias Elem School, Dingle, Iloilo

Sponsors’ Mardi Gras

Grand Winner – St. Therese MTC College
Best in Choreography – St. Therese MTC College
Best Float – Nature’s spring
Best in Costume – STI College of Iloilo .

DINAGYANG FESTIVAL 2016 Tribe Performance Video

Tribu Dagatnon: https://youtu.be/z8venf-691k
Tribu Ilonganon: https://youtu.be/Q0n_5HvSzZw
Tribu Salognon: https://youtu.be/m5fLEisNEic
Tribu Obrero: https://youtu.be/QUR8EqTtrWM
Tribu Paghidaet: https://youtu.be/lgmneHU7zPA
Tribu Atub atub: https://youtu.be/ovz6RAH0R1o
Tribu Buntag Tala: https://youtu.be/Oavj7rU6GVo
Tribu Baybayanon: https://youtu.be/bDzM4mZmXzc
Tribu Panayanon: https://youtu.be/Y0T0PZP5k7A
Tribu Pan-ay: https://youtu.be/t5b5WpMT3tE
Tribu Namsadang Pungmuldan Cultural From Anseong City South Korea:https://youtu.be/lJ0DylFbcJU

Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 2016

Congratulations to candidate no. 7 Vanessa Ann Caro for winning Miss Iloilo Dinagyang-Philippines 2016. She will represent Iloilo City in the Miss Philippines Earth Pageant. Candidate no. 10 Janine May Coo and candidate no. 4 Jhoanne Tañada won the Miss Iloilo Dinagyang Heritage 2016 and Miss Iloilo Dinagyang Aliwan 2016, respectively.

Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 556 antoinegreg blog



As of January 8, 2016


21 – 4PM Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 2016 Grand Launching – SM City Iloilo

28 – 4PM Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 2016 Fancy Make-up – Robinson’s Place Iloilo


05 – 9AM Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 2016 Antique Presentation & Fashion – Robinson’s Place Iloilo

10 – 4PM Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 2016 Pre-Pageant Casual Wear – Robinson’s Place Iloilo

11 3PM PAMUKAW – Bonifacio Drive to Iloilo Freedom Grandstand

21 – 4PM Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 2016 Talent Competition – Robinson’s Place Iloilo


03 – 4PM Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 2016 Fashion Show – SM City Iloilo – New Wing

08 – 2PM Opening Salvo Mass with the different Tribe Dancers – San Jose Parish Church

08 – 3PM OPENING SALVO – City Parade Route 

09 – 4PM Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 2016 Pre-Pageant Festival Costume – SM City Iloilo – New Wing

09 – 4PM Mr. Iloilo Dinagynag  and Ms. Iloilo Dinagyang – Robinson’s Place Iloilo (Housefit Gym Center)

15 – 4PM Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 2016 Pre-Pageant: Parade of Beauties & Swimwear – Iloilo Business Park & Esplanade

16 – 4PM Sto. Niño Festival Queen – SM City Iloilo Event Center

17 – Iloilo Dinagyang 21K Half Marathon – SM City Iloilo

18 – 6:30 AM Arrival of the Pilgrim Image of Señor Sto. Niño from Cebu City to Iloilo Airport Terminal Motorcade passing by Cabatuan, Sta. Barbara, Pavia, and Jaro Cathedral – San Jose Parish Church

18 – 1:30 PM Arrival at the Cathedral (Mass and Public Veneration) – San Jose Parish Church

18 – 5:30 PM  Opening of Iloilo Travel Mart – SM City Iloilo

19 – 4PM Iloilo Arts Festival: Folk Dance, Binalabay, Latin Dance Sports – SM City Iloilo Carpark

19 – 4PM Little Ms. 2GO Dinagyang Grand Coronation Robinson’s Place Iloilo

20 – 7PM Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 2016 Coronation Night – San Agustin Gym

20 – 23 Iloilo Dinagyang 4×4 Challenge

21 – 5PM Onwards Dinagyang IHRAA FOOD FESTIVAL – Delgado Street

21 – PM LUCES IN THE SKY Day 1– SM City Parking Lot


  • 8AM TAMBOR TRUMPA MARTSA MUSIKA – Bonifacio Drive to Freedom Grandstand
  • 3PM SALVO OF A THOUSAND DRUMS – Arroyo Fountain Area
  • 3PM FLUVIAL PROCESSION – Fort San Pedro to disembark in Iloilo Customs House to San Jose Parish Church.
  • 7 PM LUCES IN THE SKY Day 2– Venue TBA

Jan 22-23 – Iloilo Dinagyang Badminton Tournament – Citisports
Jan 22-23 – 9th Iloilo Dinagyang National Age-Group Swimfest – Iloilo Sports Complex
Jan 22-23 – Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog Dinagyang Auto Show Competition 3 – Atria Park District

Jan 22-24 – Dinagyang Bastonero/Arnis Tournament – Iloilo Sports Complex


  • 7AM Mass for Kasadyahan Contestants – San Jose Paris Church
  • 2PM Sponsors Mardi Gras – Parade from Freedom Grandstand
  • 7PM RELIGIOUS SADSAD – San Jose Parish Church


  • 6AM Concelebrated High Mass – San Jose Paris Church
  • 8AM 2016 ILOILO DINAGYANG ATI CONTEST – City Parade Route
  • 7 PM AWARDING CEREMONY – Freedom Grandstand

[gview file=”http://dinagyangsailoilo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Dinagyang-2016-Schedule-of-Activities-as-of-Jan-8.pdf”]


The 2015 Iloilo Dinagyang Festival for the first time will serve as venue to showcase the costumes of 30 major festivals in the country in what is dubbed as National Festival Costume Expo 2015.

Mayor Jed Patrick E. Mabilog stressed Dinagyang has become a promotional vehicle for other cities in the country to highlight their cultural and tourism attractions.

The exhibit will kick off with a simple program evening of January 22, 2015 phentermine, 2015, according to City Tourism Officer Benito Jimena.

He added that the expo is not a competition but purely an exhibition.

Alongside the exhibit is the weaving (hablon) demonstration, one of the oldest Ilonggo traditions.

Meanwhile, the costumes will be donned by live models for the parade of costumes during the Dinagyang Ati Contest on January 25, 2015.



The annual visit of the image of Señor Santo Niño from Cebu will arrive in Iloilo January 19, 2015 by plane to re-enact the first time it was brought in that eventually gave birth to Dinagyang Festival.

Rev. Fr. Raymund Edcel Alcayaga, OSA said that originally the image was brought to Iloilo from Cebu via Philippine Airlines (PAL) but they would just settle for available plane that is plying the Cebu-Iloilo route.

The image will have a pilgrimage tour passing through the towns of Cabatuan, Sta. Barbara, Pavia and Jaro district.

A motorcade will bring the image to the San Jose Parish Church after a courtesy visit with Archbishop Angel Lagdameo. /Iloilo City PIO

Dinagyang 2015 Poster_revised(1)

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Dinagyang Will Not Join Aliwan 2014

Dinagyang Festival will not go to Aliwan Fiesta in Manila this year, Iloilo City tourism officer Ben Jimena confirmed.
He issued the clarification amid rumors over the internet that marshillonline.com/wp-content/cache/shop/generic-cialis-india.php Dinagyang will have a surprise performance in the annual event.
“We have decided not to join. It is not true that we will surprise our audiences in this year’s Aliwan festivities,” emphasized Jimena.
“We encourage the people to stop spreading false hopes and information in promoting Dinagyang, Iloilo, and Ilonggo culture,” he stated.
Instead, Jimena said Dinagyang will prepare for a much bigger showcase outside of the country.
“We already did it in the previous Aliwan fiestas. Now, it’s time to take a step further in promoting our festival for the world to see,” he added.
Dinagyang Festival 24cialisitalia.com already won five grand champion of the annual Aliwan Fiesta in Manila, which is a showcase and competition of different Philippine festivals.
During the awarding ceremonies in January, Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog mentioned that the winning “tribes”will go out of the Philippines to promote tourism to the international market such as United States, Canada, and Singapore.
“It is Dinagyang’s honor representing the Philippines to the world, truly living up to its tagline this year,” he said with reference “Bringing More Fun to the World.”
Dinagyang 2014 Photo Contest

Dinagyang 2014 Photo Contest Winners

The Dinagyang http://takomaparkpediatrics.com/buy/buy-levitra-online.php 2014 Photo Contest Committee has announced the winners of this year’s photo contest. The committee is headed by Dr. Paul Francia and co-chairman Ronnie Gabalda.

Here are the following winners:

For the Ati/Kasadyahan Category:

  • 1st Place: Antonio Rojas, Jr. from Arevalo, Iloilo City
  • 2nd Place: Loida Cordova of Kalibo, Aklan
  • 3rd Place: Jose Aristeo de Luna of Veterans Village, Iloilo City
  • Consolation Winners:
    • Dennis Gamarcha of San Lorenzo,Guimaras
    • Leslie Yu Chua of Makati City
    • Francisco Manuel Dela Cruz ofJaro, Iloilo City
    • Benjef Borromeo of Tigbauan,Iloilo
    • Santiago Vito of Roxas City,Capiz
  • Other finalists in the Ati/ Kasadyahan Category are:
    • June Ivy Ang of Mabolo, Cebu
    • Eric Saguin of Mandaue, Cebu
    • Ryan Angelo Braga of New Lucena,Iloilo
    • Vincent Gallarde of Bulalacao,Cebu City

For the Street Category

  • 1st Place: Jonathan Japitana from Leganes, Iloilo
  • 2nd Place: Jose http://bluewaterropes.com/generic/ Aristeo de Luna of Veterans Vill., Iloilo City
  • 3rd Place: Frederick Salazar of Cebu City
  • Consolation Winners:
    • Edren Cawit of Jaro, Iloilo City
    • Ruben Ranin of Quezon City
    • Nelson Chan Ting of Quezon City
    • Rey Bayonaof Anilao, Iloilo
    • Excel Rey Suaring of San Fernando, Cebu
  • Other finalists in the Street Category are:
    • MarkAnthony Lim of Subic, Zambales
    • DexterDizon of  Pavia, Iloilo
    • Diovanne,Atilano of SPH, Iloilo City

Prize for the street category courtesy of Greenwich Pizza.

Selected photo entries are currently on exhibit at the lower ground floor of SM http://regretfulmorning.com/ City Iloilo. The photo exhibit will run until February 22, 2014.

Dinagyang 2014 Ati Dance Competition Order of Performances

The Dinagyang Festival Ati Dance Competition 2014 order of performances will go as follows (based from

Freedom Grandstand. The rest follows the same carousel route and may subject to changes):


1 – Freedom Grandstand

  • Tribu Angola
  • Tribu Salognon
  • Tribu Paghidaet

Stage 2 – Provincial Capitol

  • Tribu Baybayanon
  • Tribu Molave
  • Tribu Atub-Atub

Stage 3 – Quezon-Ledesma

  • Tribu Ilonganon
  • Tribu Panayanon

Stage 4- Maria Clara

  • Tribu Milagrosa
  • Tribu Obreros
Kasadyahan Festival

Kasadyahan 2014 Order of Performances

The Kasadyahan Fiesta 2014 Regional Cultural Showcase order of performances viagra online canada will go as follows:

Stage 1 – Freedom Grandstand

  1. Bacolod MassKara Festival
  2. Saad Festival of Leganes, Iloilo
  3. Manggahan Festival of Guimaras Province

Stage 2 – Provincial Capitol

  1. Tribu Hugyaw Kansilay of Silay City, Negros Occidental
  2. Tribu Pan-ay of Fort San Pedro National High School, Iloilo City
  3. Sinadya sa Halaran of Roxas City, Capiz

Stage 3 – Quezon-Ledesma

  1. Hugyaw Tribe of Saint Therese-MTC College, Iloilo City
  2. Kalibo generic viagra cheap Ati-Atihan Festival
  3. Tribu Banigan of Libertad, Antique

Stage 4 – Maria Clara

  1. Tribu Panubli-on of Professional Electronics Institute
  2. Pintaflores Festival generic viagra cheap of San Carlos City, Negros Occidental
Dinagyang Festival Route Map

Temporary Road Closures on Dinagyang 2014

For the public’s information, hereunder are the buy viagra online activities for the upcoming 2014 Dinagyang Festival, with corresponding road closures, to wit:

Date/Time Event Roads Temporarily Closed to Vehicular Traffic
Jan. 17, Friday


Opening Salvo Road of Freedom Grandstand,  J.M. Basa St., Bonifacio Drive,  Gen. Luna St., Quezon St., Ledesma St., Iznart St., Rizal St. & Mapa St.
Jan. 19, Sunday


4th Iloilo Dinagyang 5Km & 21Km Half-Marathon Right lane portion of Sen. Benigno Aquino Ave. (when facing towards Infante Ave) particularly from the road of Ungka, District of Jaro (Iloilo Radial by-pass Rd, Lanit) to Sambag, Dungonn B and Dungon B, Jaro, & from SM City Iloilo until Boardwalk Entrance (Iloilo Esplanade)
Jan. 20-24 


Ati Tribe/Kasadyahan Rehearsal Road of Freedom Grandstand, J.M Basa St.,  Bonifacio Drive, Gen. Luna St. Quezon St., Ledesma St., Iznart St., Rizal St. & Mapa St.
Jan. 22, Wed.  Ms. Iloilo Dinagyang 2014 Coronation Night Jalandoni St., City Proper
Jan. 23-24 


4th Dinagyang Pyrolympics 2014 Luces in the Sky  (SM City Parking Lot)
Jan. 23-26  Dinagyang IHRRA FOOD FESTIVAL Valeria St. and Delgado St.
Jan. 24, Friday


2014 Tambor Trumpa Martsa Musika Road of Caram Ave., J.M. Basa St.  Zamora St. & Calazans St.
Jan. 24, Friday


2014 Dinagyang Fluvial Procession Road of Bonifacio Drive, Caram Ave. J.M. Basa St., & Freedom Grandstand
Jan. 25-26   

Whole Day

2014 Dinagyang Festival          Road of Freedom Grandstand, J.M. Basa St., Bonifacio Drive, Gen. Luna St.,  Quezon St., Ledesma St., Iznart St.,Rizal St., Mapa St.

From the Sanggunihang Panglungsod ng Iloilo Official Facebook Account

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Schools’ Drums Corps Ready to Roar

Competing drum and bugle corps of participating schools are very excited to heat up Dinagyang fever during the Tambor, Trumpa, Martsa Musika which kicks off at Capitol area to Freedom Grandstand starting at 7am on January 24.

The competition will usher with “A Salvo of a Thousand Drums.”

A total of 12 elementary and five high schools will showcase their musical instruments and marching skills in one of Dinagyang side events organized by the Department of Education Division of City Schools.

The primary schools are Alimodian Elementary School; Sinamay Elem. School also in Alimodian, San Miguel Central School in Jordan, Guimaras; Dingle Central Elem. School; Iloilo Central Elem. School; A. Montes I Elem. School; Lapaz I Elem. School; Jaro I Elem. School; Jaro II Elem. School; Sambag Elem. School; Cubay Elem. School and Arevalo Elem. School.

The secondary schools are Iloilo City National High School, Ramon Avanceña National High School, Jalandoni Memorial National viagra High School, Ajuy National High School and Dingle National High School.

The winners will bring home viagra online order P25,000 for the champion, P20,000 for 1st runner-up, P15,000 for 2nd runner-up and trophy each. P5,000 consolation prize will be given to non-winners.

Musical instruments also await the winners.